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cash home buyers in fort lauderdale


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CHIF Homes buys virtually any type of property, in any type of condition, and in any price range.

CHIF Homes Purchase Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Townhouses, Condominiums, Mobile Homes, and Vacant Land.

We Buy Homes As-is

CHIF Homes does all the necessary repairs.

We Buy Homes with Structural Problems and Roof Damage

CHIF Homes can fix these issues.

We Buy Homes with Code Violations

CHIF Homes brings them to code.

We Buy Homes with Liens

CHIF Homes handles removing the lien.

We Buy Homes in Probate

CHIF Homes takes on the cost of the probate process.

We Buy Homes that Don’t Qualify for Insurance Coverage

CHIF Homes can update them to be sure they qualify for insurance.

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Selling your property to CHIF Homes is simple, fast, and profitable.

cash home buyers in fort lauderdale

Selling Your Home to CHIF Homes is Faster and Less Expensive than Working with a Realtor