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We Buy Houses in Tamarac, Fast with Cash! No Closing Costs. No Commissions.

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    We can close in as little as 10 days with the cash wired to your bank account the same day! All closings are handled through a licensed title company and escrow agent so you can have peace of mind.



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    Cash purchases are more common in markets where homes are extremely affordable, increasing the likelihood that buyers will have the full amount available or in regions where wealthy individuals may be seeking investments or second homes.

    • Traditional homebuyers: A traditional buyer with plenty of liquid assets may want to make an all-cash offer, avoiding the difficulties of financing and the significant expenditure of interest on a long-term loan.
    • Cash-homebuying companies: These businesses frequently use slogans like “we buy any home” or “we buy ugly houses”. They buy houses in nearly any condition and can close quickly, but they usually offer a cheap price.
    • House flippers: These individuals or small businesses buy run-down houses, fix them up, and resell them for a profit. They are unlikely to buy residences that are in good condition.
    • iBuyer: Similarly, online iBuyers can make cash bids and conclude deals quickly. Similarly, the offer you receive from one is unlikely to be as high as you would receive through a typical sale.


    Before you accept a cash offer from any of these cash buyers, you must do your research to ensure they are reliable. Below are the tips you should consider when picking your buyer.

    If your cash house buyer requires enormous paperwork, home modifications, and other steps to go through, you will not have a home sale as quickly as you would like. Home purchasers who want you to sign a slew of papers filled with tiny print and legal jargon may be up to no good – a rapid home sale doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be that difficult. A quick house sale necessitates a straightforward procedure: a quick walkthrough of your complete property, a reasonable cash offer on the moment, and a smooth closing process that takes a few days, not weeks. The finest cash home buyers don’t have time to complicate the process, so they keep it as simple as possible for the good of their business and homeowners in their community.

    A cash house buyer who demands you to clean up and restore your home may as well be a real estate salesperson. Some house buyers expect homeowners to clean up, patch up, and fix up their homes after making a cash offer – and they’re not going to adjust their offer once your home is cleaner and more valuable. Finally, these businesses want to make more money while doing less labor, which is unfair to homeowners who are frequently in difficult life situations where time is of the essence. If you make repairs or listen to the wishes of a choosy house buyer, you should receive a decent cash offer on the spot or shortly thereafter. 

    Finally, experience is the best teacher – especially for cash house purchasers. Anyone can buy a house with cash, but not everyone understands the legal protocols and actions to take to ensure a successful home sale and a stress-free client experience. A fast property sale should be just that: fast. You should not have to clean things up or make costly repairs. 

    The top cash home purchasers understand every aspect and complication of homeowners, housing markets, home titles, finances, and everything else involved in a cash home sale – which means homeowners will be completely delighted with the cash offer and the overall transaction.

    The entire notion of selling your house fast through a home purchasing firm is to get a fair price and a quick closing date. This is what distinguishes cash home buyers from more typical real estate buyers. If your cash home buyer fails to meet one or both of these requirements, it’s time to find a new one. Homeowners interested in selling their houses quickly are frequently in terrible financial or personal situations, which means that some home-buying organizations may make unreasonable low offers for valued homes in order to take advantage of those difficult situations. 

    If a homeowner believes that selling their property for next to nothing is the best and only alternative, they will fall into the trap and forfeit the money they are owed. The top cash home buyers are in the business of assisting those in need, regardless of the circumstances. They provide fair cash prices that are tailored to the homeowner’s individual situation but make sense in comparison to current real estate market values. They provide a rapid and easy closing procedure, allowing both parties to go forward with ease. 

    They are equally concerned with the homeowners in their community as they are with their investments.

    Most businesses make big claims, showcase value, and flaunt their perks – but do they have the favorable internet reviews and community reputation to back it up? Businesses can say almost anything – they can exaggerate, twist the truth, and offer half-truths in order to increase their client base. Fortunately, online reviews and reputable consumer advocacy websites can make sense of some of the claims that businesses make on a daily basis. They’ll expose some of the problems with these businesses and give you valid reasons to choose, call for more information, or avoid it entirely. 

    If you notice the buyer has multiple negative reviews on multiple sites, it may be because they have low offers, hidden fees, excessive work or shady processes.  





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    “I was very thankful to find CHIF Homes at the time I did. They worked with me to refinance a mixed used property in Illinois. They worked hard to find an option that fit my specific needs. Great rates! The team worked hard all the way to the closing table. I recommend them 100%.”

    – Antoinette Rogers

    we buy houses fort lauderdale
    “We inherited our mother’s home and had no idea what to do or where to start the process of selling her home. Jayson and Nick not only helped us with all the logistics but were kind and considerate throughout the process. They helped us get a good price for her home. Anyone looking to sell their home should give them a call asap! Thank you Jayson and Nick!”

    – Debra Iacoviello

    we buy houses fort lauderdale
    “We reached out to CHIF Homes and Nick and Jayson were able to help us sell our mother’s home that was in foreclosure from a reverse mortgage loan. We didn’t even know that we were entitled to the house. They introduced us to the right team and got us a quick cash offer after the paperwork was done. Thank you both for you hard work!”

    – LaMiaLuna12

    we buy houses fort lauderdale


    Negative equity means the value of your home is less than the amount you still owe on your mortgage, making it hard to remortgage or move house. Fortunately, you have a couple of options when it comes to finding an exit route. One of these options is selling your home. If you are unable to make your mortgage payments and are in negative equity, selling your house may be your only alternative. 

    Your mortgage lender may accept the amount you can raise through the sale of your property as mortgage settlement as long as it is greater than the amount they would receive if they repossessed your home. Selling your property with the knowledge that you will not receive enough cash to pay off your mortgage will violate the conditions of your mortgage, will be costly, and is only an option if you are in dire financial need. Therefore, research the value of similar homes in your area and sell your home for a reasonable price.

    A buyer who intends to finance the acquisition with a mortgage must view your property. Lending institutions nearly always engage the services of a professional inspection team for this process. Even if you try to renovate the house before selling it, the team will discover damage that you were unaware of. The inspection procedure has an effect on the value of your home.

    The greater the extent of the damage, the lower the value of your home. To acquire a fair house price, you may need to pay additional renovation costs. In a cash transaction, you don’t need to spend any money renovating your home. Preparing a home for sale can be stressful – especially if you’ve been putting off necessary repairs. 

    Instead of taking on that burden, selling a house as-is can be an attractive option for sellers looking to alleviate the responsibilities and costs associated with selling a house.

    If a client proposes to purchase your home with a mortgage, you must go through an appraisal process. Lenders value this process because it provides them with information about the property they are purchasing. Lenders can lower their financial risk by using the evaluation process when issuing mortgages. For two reasons, an assessment may not work in your favor.

    First, the appraisal may place a lower value on your home than you intended to sell it for. If you reject the lender’s valuation, the odds of the sale failing are substantial. Second, this procedure takes time. It will be inconvenient for you if you require immediate cash from the sale of your house. 

    The option to sell my house fast Fort Lauderdale removes these impediments.

    Which is the best method of payment when selling my house? This is a common question among homeowners, and the solution is straightforward. Choose the payment method with the lowest risk. In this regard, standard funding approaches are dangerous. 

    It takes longer to consummate the agreement, and even after prolonged negotiations, there is no assurance that the buyer will purchase the home. Furthermore, you may be paid in installments, which is unwanted. A sell my house fast Tamarac company, on the other hand, is simple. The procedure is almost finished once you and the potential buyer agree on a price. 

    All that remains is for you to receive your money. A serious buyer will pay according to the agreements in a timely manner.

    Most cash sales will put you in direct contact with the buyer. Direct contact saves money because you won’t have to pay commissions to real estate companies. Do not underestimate the amount of money you can save by using this mode of payment. As a commission fee, real estate companies might charge up to a double-digit percentage of your final transaction price. 

    If you sell my house fast Oakland Park at a price closer to its true value, you’ll barely make a profit from this arrangement. Don’t allow buyers to take advantage of you as well. Some of them may have hidden expenses in the contract. Before you sign the contract, be sure you understand everything in it.



    A cash offer means that the buyer does not utilize a mortgage to purchase a home. Instead, they pay for the house in full with a cheque or wire transfer. A cash offer simply means that the buyer has the entire purchase price in their bank account. If you’re thinking about selling a house for cash, remember that a cash transaction does not always eliminate closing fees. 

    These expenses are often lower in a cash transaction than in a regular sale, but they must still be covered. Cash offers are made by traditional buyers with enough money to pay with cash.

    The Difference Between Mortgage Offers and Cash Offers

    The primary distinction between these offers is the source of the funds used to acquire the home. Cash offers suggest that the possible buyer has the funds to cover the complete purchase price in a bank account or something equivalent. Mortgage offers suggest that the prospective buyer will need a mortgage loan to cover the purchase price. The house sale transaction procedure differs significantly depending on whether the buyer is paying with cash or trying to find a mortgage.

    It takes time to sell my house fast Tamarac, FL. However, how long it takes is mostly determined by the buyer’s source of finance. Mortgage transactions can take up to two to three months to complete, although all-cash deals might take as little as five to seven days.

    There are numerous processes involved in the home-selling process. In a mortgage transaction, numerous extra processes must be completed before the lender can release monies to the seller for the purchase of the home. These include a thorough buyer application and underwriting process, a lender-initiated appraisal of the home’s value, and the inclusion of a due diligence, appraisal, and financing contingency in the contract. There are much fewer procedures involved in completing a cash transaction. 

    There will be no steps related to a mortgage application or underwriting. While many cash purchasers may still want to do an inspection as part of their due diligence, many will not demand an appraisal.

    A title and escrow company will be involved in both mortgage and cash transactions to verify proof of money and other relevant papers, obtain title insurance, create the escrow, and guarantee there are no outstanding liens on the home. Depending on how quickly the lender distributes funds after closing, cash may post sooner in a cash transaction than in a mortgage transaction.

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